Corey Rich Adventure Video With the Nikon D7000

If you’ve ever questioned the capabilities of the Nikon D7000, then I encourage you to see this video that Corey Rich recently produced in the extreme Alaskan wilderness. His documentary is a testament to hard work, great vision, and more hard work! Just watching the video made me tired.
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Phillip Bloom’s Room With A View

I love this timelapse video taken by Director and Filmmaker Phillip Bloom. Lots of effort went into creating this video and it inspires me to do more time lapse work myself.

Room with a view: 1 year of timelapses from hotel windows from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Nikon Festival Winners

Nikon just finished up their Nikon Festival contest where they asked people to submit videos that captured the essence of their day in 140 seconds or less. It was a great contest with some really creative entries. Here are the winners!

Followup to Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter, I wrote a column about incorporating video with your photography. I forgot to put in a link to another great article at DP Review for learning about HD video. Thanks Jim for the reminder!