Guest Post, DIY GPS for Your DSLR Camera.

Ron Gasser is a colleague I’ve known for years. He and I regularly email back and forth regarding technology, cameras, lenses, Photoshop and other techniques. He’s a great photographer and he’s also intently interested in incorporating technology into his craft.
Recently, he sent me information on making your own GPS unit for a Nikon camera. It [...] Portfolio

I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and really like the beautiful interface. Right now, I’ll be posting city and architectural images.

MikeJHagen on 500px

Here’s a direct link to my portfolio where I’ll continue adding images over time.

Datacolor iPad Screen Calibration - Spyder Gallery

Photographers have fully embraced the iPad for its myriad of uses. I’ve written a number of articles and blog posts about how I use the iPad, but something I’ve always wondered about was how to properly calibrate the iPad screen. Over the last year, I’ve also had a number of people write me to ask [...]

March 2011 Newsletter is Live

The March 2011 Out There Images, Inc. Newsletter is live over at the main site. This month we cover some great new topics:

- Book Review: Exploring North American Landscapes by Marc Muench
- February GOAL Assignment: The Defining Characteristic
- March GOAL Assignment: Triptychs
- Photo Techniques: Shooting a Play
- Digital Tidbits: Getting the Red Out
- Workshop and [...]

November 2010 Newsletter is Posted

I’m just about to step onto the plane for Africa but wanted to post the link for our November 2010 newsletter. Follow the link to learn about:
- Free Camera Bag Giveaway for November
- October GOAL Assignment: Shoot at Night with Ambient Light
- November GOAL Assignment: Less is More
- Digital Tidbits: Panorama Merge to Single Image [...]

Check out the July 2010 OTI Newsletter

Our July 2010 newsletter is posted. This month our topics are:
- Greetings
- June GOAL Assignment: Light Throughout the Day
- July GOAL Assignment: 50 Photos Within 10 Feet
- Digital Tidbits: Lightroom 3 Great Features
- Book Review: Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers
- Workshop Updates
Follow this link to read the newsletter.

Followup to Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter, I wrote a column about incorporating video with your photography. I forgot to put in a link to another great article at DP Review for learning about HD video. Thanks Jim for the reminder!

Free DVD from Photoflex on Lighting and HD Video

Photoflex contacted me about a free DVD they are offering for Lighting and HD Video. The DVD shows both Nikon and Canon camera techniques. Here’s the link:

New CLS Book Review

Dominique James from the Sacremento Book Review just posted a new review of our Nikon CLS book, The Nikon Creative Lighting System, here:

Nikon D300s Initial Impressions

I picked up a new Nikon D300s yesterday from my favorite local camera store Kenmore Camera. I wasn’t expecting too much from the new camera since it is “just an upgrade” to the existing Nikon D300. However, I am very impressed. The camera has two memory card slots, one of them a CF slot and [...]