Venus Transit

Last week we had a wonderful opportunity to photograph Venus as it crossed between planet Earth and the sun. I photographed it here through the clouds with a Nikon D7000, Nikon 200-400mm f4, and a 1.4x TC. I didn’t have a Neutral Density filter handy, so I waited until the clouds obscured the sun in order [...]

Abstracts from the Tacoma Museum of Glass

When I need a shot of creative energy, I head over to the Tacoma Museum of Glass. The colors, shapes, and patterns always clear my mind and give me that much-needed quick burst of photo inspiration. These images are from the Chihuly Bridge of Glass.

Spring Clouds and Adirondack Chairs

Last week, my wife and I were downtown in Gig Harbor, WA at a party and the group was trying hard to enjoy one of our first quasi-good days of the year. Trouble is, those pesky clouds kept getting in the way of the sun. The sun would peek out from the clouds and we [...]

What’s Your Impossible Shot?

The other day I was out shooting baskets with my kids, nephews, and their friends. Our basketball hoop is adjustable from 6′ to 10′ so my daughter and her cousins kept it at 6′ so they could make the shots. I raised it up to 10′ and one of the kids stopped attempting to make [...]

Nikon D800 Mirror Lockup Without Shutter Release Cable

The more I use the Nikon D800, the more impressed I am with all of its capabilities. A new feature that I’ve recently discovered is using the shutter delay mode in conjunction with the Mirror Lock Up mode.
Macro photography is one of my favorite subjects to shoot and I typically use a shutter release cable [...]

Hot Sauce and Salt

As a photographer, I often use anything and everything as inspiration for my creativity. My camera is almost always over my shoulder, so I’m constantly on the lookout for interesting compositions. Not too long ago, I was out to dinner with my family and found a simple composition of table salt, pepper, and hot sauce. [...]

Early Morning Gig Harbor Panorama with Nikon D800

Here’s a nice shot from Gig Harbor, WA yesterday morning. I was running a private workshop with a photographer from Reno, NV and we were photographing the bay during blue hour. I set my camera for Fluorescent WB, ISO 200, f/8 and a 30 second exposure. Beautiful!

D800 Ultimate Test - Killer Whales From One Mile with 24-70mm Lens

Last night, I went out to a local waterfront park with my family for a Sunday evening picnic. We were eating our sandwiches and skipping rocks when I spotted a pod of Orca about a mile away. I always have a camera with me, and this time around I had the Nikon D800 with a [...]

April 2012 Newsletter Posted

The Out There Images April 2012 newsletter is posted here:
Topics this month:
- Nikon D800 and D4 Setup Guides
- New Workshops Posted and New Books Are Selling Well
- Stuff I Like This Month
- March GOAL Assignment: Walking Zoom
- April GOAL Assignment: Window Light Portraits and Book Giveaway
- Product Review: Joby Gorilla Pod
- Digital Tidbits: How [...]

Africa Slideshow for Lighthouse Elementary School

A big thank you to Lighthouse Christian School and Ms. Frohlich’s 1st grade class for inviting me to present photos from my Tanzanian photography adventures.
The kids from Ms. Frohlich’s class sent me a bunch of thank you letters and they were very sweet. One of them read, “Thank you Mr. Hagen, from. Nathan. you HAD the [...]