In Portland Oregon

After a quick two day break, I’m down in the Portland, Oregon area to run more workshops for the Nikonians Academy. This week we’ll be holding workshops with the Nikon D300, the Nikon wireless flash system and Nikon Capture NX 2.

Should be great fun and I’m really looking forward to meeting a bunch of new photographers.

2 comments to In Portland Oregon

  • Mike,

    I bought “The Nikon Creative Lighting System” authored by you.
    It has been a very useful book. Over a period of one week, I read it cover to cover three times. Then played with the SB800 off the leash.

    Your book is not something that a person reads once and then they go on their way. I think, this book is a refence book to keep around and look up controls (i for one, cannot keep all that in my head all the time.)

    Because of referring to the book often (at least until what i need settles in my mind) i ran across this issue: the book is falling apart!

    As useful as the information, your simple writing style and your complete berak down of all the functionalities of the Nikon CLS are, the construction of the book sucks. If it is a one-time-read type of book, then it wont bother me as much. But, the glue bound book just does not cut it as a reference book.

    Just thought I will share my very good experience with your book,leaving me to desire a better constructed book.


  • Dave

    I too took two classes from Mike in Portland. I bought the flash book prior to the class and yes after repeated use any glued book will tend to wear out. Do what I did and take the book to a Staples store and have it spiral bound. It will cost about four dollars. Not only will it last forever but you can open the book and lay it out flat on a table etc. and it won’t try and close on you. Problem solved.