Two Motorcycles - Two Moons

Two days, two motorcycles and two moons. This weekend I found myself at a couple restaurants with motorcycles out front and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph them with the rising moon and twilight sky. In both cases, I brought along my Nikon D700, so I increased the ISO to 1,600, held my breath [...]

African Art and Wood Carvings

One of the traditional artforms in Tanzania is wood carving. Artists create all types of carvings such as faces, masks, people, bowls, bracelets and animals, but my favorite carvings are of faces. Makonde is the best known type of carving in Tanzania and is typically created using African Blackwood, or mpingo.
Mpingo is very dense and [...]

Viewing Tethered Shoot on iPad with Capture Pilot

Just wrote a review for a great new product called Capture Pilot from the good people at Phase One. The product allows anyone with an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to view photos from a tethered photo shoot in real time. The product is truly awesome. Check out the article and see how I used [...]

Gig Harbor Parade

A few weeks ago we had our annual small town Gig Harbor Parade. What a great event. Everyone in town comes out to participate, help or just watch and it is like a giant family reunion. We all cheer for the kids, wave to our mayor, shake hands with the local politicians, and laugh at [...]

Are You Looking Up?

As photographers, we should be keeping our heads on a swivel. We should be looking in all directions for photo ideas, and this means looking up! Here are a few shots I’ve found by looking up towards the ceiling.

Flowers in the Sierra Foothills

Coming back from Yosemite last week, I was amazed at all the wild flowers. There were so many in the low Sierra foothills that I had to stop the car and take some pics. Here are a few of my favorites from California Highway 41 and Highway 49.