Seattle and Safeco Field

Took a trip to Seattle today on the Bremerton - Seattle ferry. Had a great time with a Nikon D700 and a few lenses while taking a group tour of the Seattle Mariner’s stadium. Walking the streets was fun and capturing the iconic city locations from different perspectives was a great challenge. Here are some [...]

Same Photo, Two Views

The iconic image in Tanzania is the acacia tree at sunrise or sunset. Every time I go on Safari, I work to find different variations of this theme. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. Gotta keep trying!
The two images below are from the same photograph. The bottom image is the original and the top image [...]

More pics from Galveston

I was down in Galveston, Texas a few weeks ago, photographing the local scene. Here are a few shipyard photographs from Galveston Bay. Had a great time capturing some of the industrial areas.

Day on the Ranch, morning photo session

Spent the morning taking some amazing photographs at our Day on the Ranch photography workshop. We are south of Mariposa, CA and the weather couldn’t be nicer. We have a bunch of ranch hands running horses and cattle while we photograph them on their turf. It is a lot of fun. Later, we’ll have a [...]