Corey Rich Adventure Video With the Nikon D7000

If you’ve ever questioned the capabilities of the Nikon D7000, then I encourage you to see this video that Corey Rich recently produced in the extreme Alaskan wilderness. His documentary is a testament to hard work, great vision, and more hard work! Just watching the video made me tired.
Click this for the direct link to [...]

Canoes in the Chugach

Alaska is such a photographic paradise, that it is hard to stop posting images from this great land. It seems like everywhere you turn there is a fantastic juxtaposition between mankind and nature at its grandest.
These canoes were pulled up on the beach at Spencer Lake, which is just below the Spencer Glacier in the [...]

Glacier photos from Spencer Lake, Alaska

On the last day of our photo adventure to Denali National Park, we took a train ride to Spencer Lake for a boat trip along the Spencer Glacier. Our guides paddled our intrepid crew of photographers about a mile up the lake, to the terminus of the Spencer Glacier. All along the way we were [...]

Some HDR from Denali NP

Last week’s trip to Denali NP presented some high contrast lighting to deal with. One of the “downsides” of having good weather in a place like Denali is that your camera isn’t able to capture all the detail from the shadows while also capturing detail from the clouds and sky.
To overcome this issue with the [...]

Day 2 in Denali NP

Had a fun day yesterday in Denali NP. We were able to photograph the mountain and see how massive it is. The weather up here has been amazing and our group was walking around in t-shirts all day long.
We are headed back into the park today for more fall color, wildlife and nature photography.

Beautiful Day in Anchorage Alaska

The weather was absolutely stunning this morning coming into Anchorage, Alaska. Beautiful blue sky. Crystal clear air. Wow.
Hopefully, the weather holds out for a few days as we make our trek up to Denali NP.

June Newsletter is now posted.

Our June newsletter is posted. We have information on Mike’s Alaska trip, a book review on Peter Krogh’s “The DAM Book” and some great GOAL assignments. Follow this link:

Back from Alaska

I’ve just returned from a week long trip to Alaska where I worked with a team at a Youth Camp in Unalakleet. I’ll be writing up a full report in this month’s newsletter. Until then, here are a few shots of Alaska from the air to hold you over. 

Off to Alaska

I’m off to Alaska for a bit to work at a youth camp in Unalakleet. We’re doing more work on putting in a well and we are also expanding the buildings to allow for more kids. We have a bunch of work to do before camp begins the first week of June. Gonna be busy!
Here [...]