The Grove at Dusk

Near Hollywood in Los Angeles is a great shopping center called The Grove. Last week, after running some workshops for the Nikonians Academy, I spent an hour or so taking photos in the area at dusk. As I walked around, I enjoyed listening to a live blues band and watched young couples stare deeply into [...]

Flowers in the Sierra Foothills

Coming back from Yosemite last week, I was amazed at all the wild flowers. There were so many in the low Sierra foothills that I had to stop the car and take some pics. Here are a few of my favorites from California Highway 41 and Highway 49.

Animal photography at the Triple D Game Farm

Last week’s Nikonians Academy photo shoot with the Triple D Game Farm was an incredible amount of fun. The weather was perfect and the animals were stunning. What an amazing privilege to be able to photograph these majestic animals in beautiful surroundings.
Here’s a sampling of a few of the shoots.