Two Great Nikon Related Articles

Here are two resources for you Nikon shooters out there wanting to learn more about the Nikon D4 and the D800/D800E.
The first is a BTS (behind the scenes) video put together by Corey Rich from his new short film “Why”. The video shows how he created the film as well as all kinds of gear [...]

Corey Rich Adventure Video With the Nikon D7000

If you’ve ever questioned the capabilities of the Nikon D7000, then I encourage you to see this video that Corey Rich recently produced in the extreme Alaskan wilderness. His documentary is a testament to hard work, great vision, and more hard work! Just watching the video made me tired.
Click this for the direct link to [...]

Nikon Pro Interviews

Hey shooters,
Nikon has video recorded some great conversations between photographers who are at the top of their games. The website is called NPS Pro Spotlight and has content on photographers such as Dave Black, Bob Krist, Corey Rich, Scott Kelby, David Tejada, Tom Bol and James Balog. Great stuff.