Some HDR from Denali NP

Last week’s trip to Denali NP presented some high contrast lighting to deal with. One of the “downsides” of having good weather in a place like Denali is that your camera isn’t able to capture all the detail from the shadows while also capturing detail from the clouds and sky.
To overcome this issue with the [...]

More beauty in Denali NP

The mountain wasn’t out today and was obscured by clouds. So, what do you do when the mountain isn’t out? Take pictures of “non mountains”. Today we were blessed with bighorn sheep, caribou, and stunning river valleys.
Denali is truly a national treasure and everyone should make a point to make the trek at least once [...]

Day 2 in Denali NP

Had a fun day yesterday in Denali NP. We were able to photograph the mountain and see how massive it is. The weather up here has been amazing and our group was walking around in t-shirts all day long.
We are headed back into the park today for more fall color, wildlife and nature photography.