Night Sky Photography in Tanzania

One of my favorite things to do on Safari in Tanzania is to photograph the amazing night sky. There is almost zero atmospheric pollution and on clear nights it feels as if you are a part of the cosmos. Here are a few shots of the starry nights in Tanzania.
The above shot is a composite [...]

Nikon D7000 High ISO Performance and Snow White

Last weekend I had a chance to test out the high ISO capabilities of the new Nikon D7000. The event was a play produced by the Missoula Children’s Theater and held at a local high school auditorium. Missoula Children’s Theater and an elementary school put together an amazing rendition of the fairy tale Snow White [...]

Gotta love that D700 High ISO

A couple of nights ago my home town of Gig Harbor, Washington held the annual Christmas boat parade. Lots of people decorate their yachts in Christmas lights, then motor through Gig Harbor  in a long parade. It is great fun to come out and see all your old friends while enjoying the sights and sounds [...]

Nikon D3S Announced

For those of you wanting the ultimate in high ISO performance, Nikon has just announced the D3S. This amazing camera is capable of shooting at ISO 102,400. Yes, 102,400. This system allows shooting in near darkness. Imagine the photos you can get of your Granddaughter’s Christmas play this year. Imagine shooting wildlife after the sun [...]