February 2012 Newsletter Posted

Greetings Photographers!

The February 2012 Out There Images newsletter is now posted at our website here:

- Thousands of Images, Now What?
- The Nikon Creative Lighting System - 2nd Edition
- Stuff I Like This Month
- January GOAL Assignment: Fill the Frame
- February GOAL Assignment: Purposeful Distortion
- Tether Tools Wallee iPad Mounting System
- Photo Techniques: Should I Take [...]

January 2012 Newsletter Posted

Our January 2012 newsletter is posted here: http://www.outthereimages.com/12_01_newsletter.html
Topics this month include an update on our new book (Thousands of Images), a review of Joe McNally’s new book (Sketching Light), tips on using Evernote and much more. Here’s the list:
- Thousands of Images, Now What?
- Stuff I Like This Month
- January GOAL Assignment: Fill the Frame
- Book [...]

October 2012 Newsletter Posted

Hey photographers!
The Out There Images, Inc. October 2011 newsletter is posted over at the main website: http://www.outthereimages.com/11_10_newsletter.html
Topics this month include:
- Nikon 1
- New 2012 Workshops
- Stuff I Like This Month
- September GOAL Assignment: Serenity
- October GOAL Assignment: Clouds
- Photo Techniques: What to do About Filters?
- Workshop and Business Updates

July Newsletter Posted

We have a shorter newsletter this month, but it’s still filled with great info! Click through to read about:
- Galapagos 2012
- Stuff I Like This Month
- June GOAL Assignment Winner
- July GOAL Assignment: From Afar
- Sick Shooting: Photography While Under the Weather
- Workshop and Business Updates

May 2011 Newsletter is Posted

Our May 2011 Out There Images newsletter is posted!
Here’s the direct link: http://www.outthereimages.com/newsletter.html
In this month’s newsletter:
April GOAL Assignment: Point of View Photography
- May GOAL Assignment: Shooting in P Mode
- Photo Techniques: Shooting in P Mode
- Photo Techniques: How Does VR Respond with Back Button Focusing?
- Photo Techniques: White Balance for Blue Hour Photography
- Book Review: [...]

January 2011 Newsletter Posted

Our January 2011 Newsletter is posted over at:
Check it out for tips on shooting Pan-Blurs and photo directories.

November 2010 Newsletter is Posted

I’m just about to step onto the plane for Africa but wanted to post the link for our November 2010 newsletter. Follow the link to learn about:
- Free Camera Bag Giveaway for November
- October GOAL Assignment: Shoot at Night with Ambient Light
- November GOAL Assignment: Less is More
- Digital Tidbits: Panorama Merge to Single Image [...]

Our October, 2010 Newsletter is posted.

Follow the link to read our October, 2010 Out There Images, Inc. Newsletter.

Check out the July 2010 OTI Newsletter

Our July 2010 newsletter is posted. This month our topics are:
- Greetings
- June GOAL Assignment: Light Throughout the Day
- July GOAL Assignment: 50 Photos Within 10 Feet
- Digital Tidbits: Lightroom 3 Great Features
- Book Review: Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers
- Workshop Updates
Follow this link to read the newsletter.

June 2010 Out There Images Newsletter is Posted

Our June 2010 OTI, Inc. newsletter is posted to the Newsletter page. This month’s topics are:
- Greetings
- May GOAL Assignment: Everyday Art
- June GOAL Assignment: Light Throughout the Day
- Digital Tidbits: Creating Animated Photos in Photoshop
- Book Review: Mastering HD Video with Your DSLR
- Workshop Updates