Driftwood Textures

I’m always looking for interesting shapes and textures when I travel because they keep my mind engaged in the photographic process. Sometimes I succeed in creating a compelling photograph. Sometimes I completely fail. The point is that I’m always trying. Always pushing. Always attempting something new.
Over this last weekend, I was walking some of our [...]

Do You Think in Photoshop?

Do you aspire to get the photo as close to perfect in the camera or do you wonder how that photo might look if you continued processing it in software? It is an interesting dilemma and one that can never be truly answered for everyone. Many people state, “I’m a purist. What I see in [...]

Metal Tulips

Creating a compelling photo with every-day subjects can be extremely difficult. Take for example, the venerable tulip. It has been photographed in every conceivable way you can imagine. I’ve seen photos of tulips splashing in water, upside down, against black backgrounds, against the blue sky, and repeating in patterns of giant fields as far as [...]

How to Create a Border in Capture NX2

Here’s a question I received via email from C. Osborne in the UK.
He says, “Mike, I am enjoying reading your book Nikon Capture NX2, After the Shoot. One thing I need to know is, how can I get black borders on my prints in Nikon Capture NX2?”
The answer to his question isn’t intuitive, but works pretty [...]

African Art and Wood Carvings

One of the traditional artforms in Tanzania is wood carving. Artists create all types of carvings such as faces, masks, people, bowls, bracelets and animals, but my favorite carvings are of faces. Makonde is the best known type of carving in Tanzania and is typically created using African Blackwood, or mpingo.
Mpingo is very dense and [...]

Bleach Bypass from Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0

I think all photographers should keep current on software and post-processing methods. In the “old days” of digital photography we had to create everything in Photoshop. We learned all kids of tricks and methods to produce frames, grunge looks, cross processing, etc. Now, all we need to do is spend a few bucks on a [...]

Mt. Kilimanjaro in Sepia

Mt. Kilimanjaro above the town of Moshi, Tanzania. November, 2010. I took the image with my Nikon D700 and 24-70mm f2.8 lens during one of my African Safari trips. In the computer, I processed it Photoshop CS5 using ACR, Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0 Polarizer and Nik Silver Efex Pro Sepia conversion.

Sidewalk Chalk and Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0

This summer, my hometown of Gig Harbor commissioned some very talented street artists to create sidewalk chalk drawings along our main walkways. The art was all very well done and it was a colorful event. I had fun taking images of the art.
Today, I took a few of those images and worked on them in [...]