The Nikon Creative Lighting System - 2nd Edition

Our newest book, the 2nd Edition of the very popular The Nikon Creative Lighting System, is about to hit the shelves. The update includes brand-new chapter content on the SB-700 and SB-910 flashes. Of course, the book also has excellent chapters on using the SB-600, SB-800, SB-900, and R1C1 Flashes. At almost 300 pages, the [...]

The Importance of Black in Monochrome Images

I love converting my images to black and white. There is a timeless quality and a sense of abstraction that we just can’t see with traditional color photography. Many black and white images are greatly improved by having areas of dense black in the composition. These solid black areas anchor the photo and can add [...]

Guest Post, DIY GPS for Your DSLR Camera.

Ron Gasser is a colleague I’ve known for years. He and I regularly email back and forth regarding technology, cameras, lenses, Photoshop and other techniques. He’s a great photographer and he’s also intently interested in incorporating technology into his craft.
Recently, he sent me information on making your own GPS unit for a Nikon camera. It [...]

Lenses and Cameras for Travel

The lens and camera questions keep rolling in from our readers. The neat (and fun) thing about photography is there is a never ending quest to find the perfect combination of cameras and lenses for each of our interests. Today’s question is from Roger in Texas, USA.
Hi Mike,
Question for you. On your suggestion I just [...]

The sub-$500 Camera?

Lots of people write me asking for recommendations on new cameras. The questions generally fall into one of these two categories:
1. I’m going on a big trip to Africa next week and I need to get a new camera. I’m willing to spend up to $500 for a nice camera. Which one should I buy?
2. [...]

Luc Villeneuve’s Images of Hotel de Glace

Last month, I showed some of Luc Villeneuve’s 360 degree VR work with Red Bull. This month, he sent me a link to some work he did for the Hotel de Glace in Quebec, Canada. The images are stunning and I’m proud to share the page with all of you.

April 2011 Newsletter Posted

Our April 2011 Newsletter is posted here:
Lots of great topics this month including software review, hardware review and a tutorial on Back Button Focus.
In this Newsletter:
- Greetings
- Chair Affair
- Nikon D7000 BIN file uploaded
- SWPJC: Inspiration to Tell Stories
- March GOAL Assignment: Triptychs
- April GOAL Assignment: Point of View Photography
- Product Review: Tether Tools Aero [...]

Nikonians Academy Europe

I just returned from Germany, where I have been working with a new team to set up Nikonians Academy Europe.
It is exciting to be expanding the Nikonians Academy to our friends in Western Europe. Nikonians Academy Europe will be run by Hayo Baan from the Netherlands and our first workshops will kickoff in the UK [...]

Virginia City, NV

I went down to Virginia City, Nevada a couple days ago to take care of some business with a colleague. After we had lunch, we walked through the old mining town to take some quick snaps of the area. Thought it would be fun to convert a few to black and white. I took my [...]

Free Software for Mac - Tethered Nikon Shooting

I just found this free software for Mac users that allows tethered shooting for Nikon cameras such as the D3x, D3, D700 and the consumer D90, D80 and D5000. Support for other Nikon cameras will come shortly.
I downloaded the software this morning at 9:52am and began shooting tethered photographs with my D700 at 9:53am. It is [...]