Tough Papa Lion and Cute Cubs

It is amazing to me that the cutest, most adorable baby animals on earth come from some of the toughest looking parents. For example, take a look at this lion pride and their current dominant male father. The lion cubs are absolutely adorable. The father? Well, let’s just say his better days are behind him. [...]

Pileated Woodpecker

Last night my family and I were enjoying dinner on the back patio when my son exclaimed “woodpecker!” I’ve seen a group of three woodpeckers hanging out on my land for the last few weeks and have wanted to get a decent photo of them.
I grabbed my Nikon D300s, 200-400mm f4 and 1.4x TC and [...]

Life on the Mara River, Tanzania

At the northern end of the Serengeti in Tanzania lies the Mara River. The annual wildebeest migration crosses over the Mara river as it heads to the Southern grasslands in Tanzania. The Mara River is an intriguing place because over 1 million animals have to cross the river, and there is a huge predator population [...]