Early Morning Gig Harbor Panorama with Nikon D800

Here’s a nice shot from Gig Harbor, WA yesterday morning. I was running a private workshop with a photographer from Reno, NV and we were photographing the bay during blue hour. I set my camera for Fluorescent WB, ISO 200, f/8 and a 30 second exposure. Beautiful!

Event Photography With Flash

Great questions today from a photographer (W. Kwan) who attended my recent workshops in Los Angeles. Here are his questions and my answers below.
First off, I’d really like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Nikonians community.  Your workshop was the best class/workshop I’ve ever been to [...]

Under Tanzanian Skies

I love the sky in Tanzania.  The daily afternoon thunderstorms almost alway guarantee some type of dynamic light that begs to be captured by your camera. It is easy to point your camera towards the heavens, but the challenge is to find a way to juxtapose wildlife or an austere landscape underneath those dramatic skies. This [...]

Patterns Around the Condo

The photographic opportunities in Maui aren’t always limited to beautiful beaches and verdant rain forests. They can also include relatively mundane subjects like condominiums.
We were staying at a condo in South Maui and I made it a point to try and capture some shapes, colors and graphical elements on the property. Here are some of [...]