Tough Papa Lion and Cute Cubs

It is amazing to me that the cutest, most adorable baby animals on earth come from some of the toughest looking parents. For example, take a look at this lion pride and their current dominant male father. The lion cubs are absolutely adorable. The father? Well, let’s just say his better days are behind him. [...]

Pileated Woodpecker

Last night my family and I were enjoying dinner on the back patio when my son exclaimed “woodpecker!” I’ve seen a group of three woodpeckers hanging out on my land for the last few weeks and have wanted to get a decent photo of them.
I grabbed my Nikon D300s, 200-400mm f4 and 1.4x TC and [...]

Lenses for a Hot Air Balloon Trip

Here’s the scenario: You are headed out on a hot air balloon flight with 150 other balloons and want to capture the scene with great photos. Your pilot tells you that you can’t bring a bunch of camera gear because of tight space. What do you do?
That’s precisely the question Jerry sent to me yesterday. [...]

Under Tanzanian Skies

I love the sky in Tanzania.  The daily afternoon thunderstorms almost alway guarantee some type of dynamic light that begs to be captured by your camera. It is easy to point your camera towards the heavens, but the challenge is to find a way to juxtapose wildlife or an austere landscape underneath those dramatic skies. This [...]

New Workshops for Los Angeles

Good news. We’ve just added new workshops for Los Angeles through the Nikonians Academy. I’ll be running four days of workshops, hosted at Samy’s Camera in North Hollywood, CA.
You can sign up here for these events:
Master Nikon D300/D300s In Depth 4/14/2011
Master Nikon D300/D300s Advanced 4/15/2011
Master Nikon iTTL Wireless Flash, CLS 4/16/2011
Master Nikon D700/D3/D3s/D3x In Depth [...]

Life on the Mara River, Tanzania

At the northern end of the Serengeti in Tanzania lies the Mara River. The annual wildebeest migration crosses over the Mara river as it heads to the Southern grasslands in Tanzania. The Mara River is an intriguing place because over 1 million animals have to cross the river, and there is a huge predator population [...]

Corrupted Files on MacBook Pro, Nikon Cameras and eSATA Drive

Over the last month, I’ve been having all kinds of problems with corrupted photographs. I first noticed it after I returned from a big workshop I ran in September, 2011 in the Olympic NP, WA. I found that a few NEF pictures had a vertical line through them and that half of the image had [...]

Are You Looking Up?

As photographers, we should be keeping our heads on a swivel. We should be looking in all directions for photo ideas, and this means looking up! Here are a few shots I’ve found by looking up towards the ceiling.

Day on the Ranch, morning photo session

Spent the morning taking some amazing photographs at our Day on the Ranch photography workshop. We are south of Mariposa, CA and the weather couldn’t be nicer. We have a bunch of ranch hands running horses and cattle while we photograph them on their turf. It is a lot of fun. Later, we’ll have a [...]

Nikon D300s Setup Guide Posted

I’ve posted the setup guide for the Nikon D300s menus. This setup guide shows you how I set up my custom menus for banks A, B, C and D. I’ve also posted the corresponding *.BIN file for downloading here:
Scroll down the page to about the 3/4 mark to find the new guide.
I also have menu [...]