Two Motorcycles - Two Moons

Two days, two motorcycles and two moons. This weekend I found myself at a couple restaurants with motorcycles out front and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph them with the rising moon and twilight sky. In both cases, I brought along my Nikon D700, so I increased the ISO to 1,600, held my breath [...]

Tiny Monitor Lizard in Northern Serengeti

We were driving back to our lodge from the Mara River in the Northern Serengeti when we crossed over this small stream. Just as we passed through, we all spotted a tiny lizard sunning itself on a log. We all yelled “baby crocodile!” and stopped our Landcruiser. Upon further inspection, this little guy turned out [...]

Seattle and Safeco Field

Took a trip to Seattle today on the Bremerton - Seattle ferry. Had a great time with a Nikon D700 and a few lenses while taking a group tour of the Seattle Mariner’s stadium. Walking the streets was fun and capturing the iconic city locations from different perspectives was a great challenge. Here are some [...]

Sanne’s Art

A few weeks ago I worked with local artist Sanne Beavin to photograph a series of artwork she created for Lent, Holy Week and Easter. The art depicts Jesus’ last week before crucifixion. The entire series of paintings is beautiful, yet powerful. Working with Sanne to take the photos was a great deal of fun [...]

Blue Hour Panorama From Seaside, OR

I’m always looking for shots whenever I travel. Just before the light faded away for the day, I ran out to my vacation condo’s balcony to capture the pool and the resort. This is a panorama merge of four images from my Nikon D700 and 14-24mm f2.8 wide angle lens.
After the merge, the image was [...]

Under Tanzanian Skies

I love the sky in Tanzania.  The daily afternoon thunderstorms almost alway guarantee some type of dynamic light that begs to be captured by your camera. It is easy to point your camera towards the heavens, but the challenge is to find a way to juxtapose wildlife or an austere landscape underneath those dramatic skies. This [...]

African Art and Wood Carvings

One of the traditional artforms in Tanzania is wood carving. Artists create all types of carvings such as faces, masks, people, bowls, bracelets and animals, but my favorite carvings are of faces. Makonde is the best known type of carving in Tanzania and is typically created using African Blackwood, or mpingo.
Mpingo is very dense and [...]

Viewing Tethered Shoot on iPad with Capture Pilot

Just wrote a review for a great new product called Capture Pilot from the good people at Phase One. The product allows anyone with an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to view photos from a tethered photo shoot in real time. The product is truly awesome. Check out the article and see how I used [...]

Triptych for GOAL Assignment

Each month I give out a GOAL Assignment that is designed to encourage you photographically. The GOAL Assignment for March, 2011 was to create a triptych. Here’s an example from some photographs I took a couple days ago at the Tacoma Museum of Glass which features work from Dale Chihuly.
I took each photo in the [...]

Same Photo, Two Views

The iconic image in Tanzania is the acacia tree at sunrise or sunset. Every time I go on Safari, I work to find different variations of this theme. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. Gotta keep trying!
The two images below are from the same photograph. The bottom image is the original and the top image [...]