Two Great Nikon Related Articles

Here are two resources for you Nikon shooters out there wanting to learn more about the Nikon D4 and the D800/D800E.
The first is a BTS (behind the scenes) video put together by Corey Rich from his new short film “Why”. The video shows how he created the film as well as all kinds of gear [...]

Nikon Capture NX2.3.1 Released

Hey D4 and D800/D800E shooters - Nikon Capture NX2.3.1 is now released to enable RAW file compatibility for your new camera. Even if you aren’t buying a D4 or D800/D800E, then I still recommend upgrading for the new D-Lighting improvements and for some of the user interface improvements.
Nikon USA Link:
Nikon Europe Link:

Tons of email on the Nikon D800

Wow -
The new Nikon D800/D800E has generated a huge amount of buzz. My inbox is full of questions from readers who are asking about the camera. Here’s a sample of some of the emails from the last 24 hours:
Mike - I was happy with my D300, [...]