Tale of Two Roadsters

Winthrop Washington is known for it’s old-western kitsch, but it is also a popular destination for road trippers. Here are a couple of roadsters from two different generations. Enjoy!

North Cascades Art of Travel Workshop, Days 3 and 4

That’s a wrap! We ended our Art of Travel Photography workshop in the North Cascades on a high note. We woke up long before dawn to photograph the Early Winters Spires washed in moonlight. An added photographic gift was the Orion star constellation positioned directly above the granite massif. Wonderful images and a great group [...]

North Cascades Art of Travel Workshop, Days 1 and 2

A group of photographers and I are up in Washington State’s North Cascades for the Art of Travel Photography workshop. Based out of the tiny town of Mazama, we are exploring the beauty of the surrounding mountains and stunning landscapes. Here are a few pics from day 1 and day 2 of the workshop. Two [...]

Art of Travel Photography Workshop - North Cascades

Everybody wants to create beautiful images while traveling. We journey to stunning locations because of the beauty and we want to show everyone the gorgeous surroundings after we return.
Every year I run a photography workshop called “The Art of Travel Photography” with the express purpose of working through the process of creating artistic and beautiful [...]