Large Prints From the Nikon D800

I’ve been using the Nikon D800 for less than a week now and wanted to create some large prints from the camera to assess its overall quality. I sent off four different files to a large-format Epson inkjet printer and was very impressed with the resulting images. They are truly beautiful and are giving my [...]

Nikon D800’s Wonderful Ability to Crop

One of the things I’m loving about the Nikon D800 is the ability to frame the photo relatively loosely and then crop to what I need. I went out last evening to photograph the Tacoma Narrows Bridge at dusk. I shot the image at a wide-angle and then cropped it in Photoshop to a 12″ [...]

Incredible VR Panoramas from Luc Villeneuve

Luc Villeneuve is a colleague of mine and shoots some of the best 360 degree VR panoramas I’ve seen. His work is incredible and he’s posted his “Christmas Card” from Quebec City over at his website:
Luc tells me, “These images are done with 72 different HDR images, merged then stitched together. I use a Nikon [...]

Luc Villeneuve’s Images of Hotel de Glace

Last month, I showed some of Luc Villeneuve’s 360 degree VR work with Red Bull. This month, he sent me a link to some work he did for the Hotel de Glace in Quebec, Canada. The images are stunning and I’m proud to share the page with all of you.