Gig Harbor Parade

A few weeks ago we had our annual small town Gig Harbor Parade. What a great event. Everyone in town comes out to participate, help or just watch and it is like a giant family reunion. We all cheer for the kids, wave to our mayor, shake hands with the local politicians, and laugh at [...]

St. Patrick’s Day Street Photography in Manhattan

I’m in the New York area running workshops for the Nikonians Academy, so I took a few hours to head down to Manhattan for the big St. Patrick’s Day parade. What a blast. The streets were packed with revelers in their St. Patrick’s day garb, all of them yelling and high-fiving.
This environment is great for [...]

Pics from the Gig Harbor Maritime Gig Parade

Last weekend was Gig Harbor’s Maritime Gig ParadeĀ and I just had to get out there and snap a bunch of pics of the event. My family and I had a great time participating since my son walked in the parade with his classmates. They were able to travel the parade route with the local Gig [...]