November in Tanzania

Just back from a few weeks in Tanzania with the Nikonians Academy. Our 11 intrepid explorers had an incredible journey through Northern Tanzania. We took lots of great images of the usual suspects (lion, hyena, cheetah, etc.), but I wanted to show a bit of a different side of Tanzania with this post. Tanzania has [...]

Experiment and See What Happens

I just received the free new copy of PhotographyBB magazine (Volume 43) and read an article on using Photoshop to create pencil drawings from your photographs. I’ve never created line drawings in Photoshop before so I followed their excellent tutorial and put the process to the test on three images. Here they are:
For me, this technique [...]

Old Mill District - Bend, OR

Took a trip down to Bend Oregon a few days ago for a family wedding. While there, our extended family went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant in the Old Mill District. The Old Mill District is a great place to take photographs and I enjoyed capturing the buildings during the evening/dusk hours. All [...]

Guest Blog: Fashion Week 2011 by Keith Ibsen

Fashion Week – 2011
Winning The Image Battle, When You’re Out Numbered and Out Gunned!
Thanks to Laurence Yang, model and editor of Runway Weekly, I had the opportunity to attend several shows at Fashion Week. The venues were held at New York City’s Lincoln Center from Thursday, February 10th thru the 17th.
Anyone who is [...]

How Close?

When I talk to people about what it is like on an African photo safari, one of their first questions is wanting to know how close the animals get to the vehicles.
The answer?
The thrill of having a leopard walk by your front bumper or a lion lean up against your door is undeniably cool. The [...]

LIDLIPS by Syl Arena

Syl Arena has published a great new book called LIDLIPS - Lessons I Didn’t Learn In Photo School. I just read through a pre-release copy and it is chock full of great wisdom for photographers. Each page in his book contains a single paragraph that reminds you about the most important aspects of photography.  His [...]

Atlanta to Orlando

Just finished up running four Nikonians Academy workshops in Atlanta, GA and had a total blast. The workshops were all sold out and the people were awesome. I met a bunch of new friends and I learned a few new things as well. People flew and drove into the area from places all around the [...]

Patterns Around the Condo

The photographic opportunities in Maui aren’t always limited to beautiful beaches and verdant rain forests. They can also include relatively mundane subjects like condominiums.
We were staying at a condo in South Maui and I made it a point to try and capture some shapes, colors and graphical elements on the property. Here are some of [...]

On the East Coast for Workshops

I’m out in the New York and Washington DC areas for the next two weeks running workshops for the Nikonians Academy. We are almost completely sold out in both cities. Classes start tomorrow and I’m stoked!

Unconscious Competence

Last week, I was down in Texas running photography workshops and I was talking about the importance of practicing your photography skills. I strongly encouraged folks in the class to get out and take photographs every day until their camera becomes a natural extension of their mind.
All too often, photographers go weeks and months between [...]