Nikon D800 and D4 Setup Guides Posted

I’ve posted PDF versions of our famous setup guides for the Nikon D800/D800E and the Nikon D4 cameras. The guides show my personal recommendations for setting up menus, buttons and dials in four configurations: Travel/Landscape, Portrait/Wedding, Sports/Action, and Point and Shoot.
The guides are free to download and print out for your own use. If you [...]

The sub-$500 Camera?

Lots of people write me asking for recommendations on new cameras. The questions generally fall into one of these two categories:
1. I’m going on a big trip to Africa next week and I need to get a new camera. I’m willing to spend up to $500 for a nice camera. Which one should I buy?
2. [...]

New Coolpix Cameras from Nikon

Each year in February Nikon announces a new lineup of Coolpix point and shoot cameras. Here’s this year’s roster:
I think the most interesting of the group is the P300. It has a new f1.8 maximum aperture lens and a decent wide angle at 24mm. It shoots full HD video and has a 12MP sensor. The [...]

Nikon D7000 Setup Guide Published

Follow the link below to download the new Nikon D7000 Setup Guide. This PDF shows how I recommend setting up the custom settings menus, shooting menus and autofocus system for four different shooting scenarios.
We also have setup guides for many of the other popular Nikon dSLR cameras posted at this link: