Capture Camera Clip System

Every once in a while a new product comes along that perfectly fills a niche. Everyone who sees the new product immediately slaps their forehead and says, “why didn’t I think of that?” The new Capture Camera Clip System by Peak Design is one of these products and I’m here to tell you that the [...]

Nikon D5100 Released - 1080p 30fps and 16MP

Nikon keeps upping the ante with their entry level camera systems. The Nikon D5100 is a substantial upgrade over the D5000 and incorporates many of the D7000 features in a smaller body. One of the neatest elements of the new camera is Nikon’s new in-camera HDR. In this mode, the D5100 takes two exposures (one [...]

Nikon D5000

Nikon just announced a new camera, the Nikon D5000. It is a 12MP camera with 720p HD video and an articulated screen. 
The camera is fundamentally a cross between a D60 and a D90. It shares the same autofocus module and imaging sensor as the D90 in a body about the size of the D60. I [...]