How to Display and Find Over 30,000 Images on the Internet. Guest Blog by Lloyd Smith

How to display and find over 30,000 images on the internet.
By Lloyd Smith
It all began in a Mexican Restaurant seven years ago…

In 2004, Missionary David Wagner from Builders International spoke at our church in Longview, WA (Columbia Heights Assembly of God). After the service, Pastor Kent asked my wife Helen and I to join them [...]

People on the Street in Seattle

Spent the day yesterday in Seattle running a private workshop with an individual who wanted to capture the essence of a city. We photographed the places and things that define Seattle such as the waterfront, Pike Place Market, Space Needle, ferry boats, etc. Along the way, we came across all kinds of people and [...]

Gig Harbor Parade

A few weeks ago we had our annual small town Gig Harbor Parade. What a great event. Everyone in town comes out to participate, help or just watch and it is like a giant family reunion. We all cheer for the kids, wave to our mayor, shake hands with the local politicians, and laugh at [...]

Sidewalk Chalk and Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0

This summer, my hometown of Gig Harbor commissioned some very talented street artists to create sidewalk chalk drawings along our main walkways. The art was all very well done and it was a colorful event. I had fun taking images of the art.
Today, I took a few of those images and worked on them in [...]