Tanzania Images from Participants

Our photo safari to Tanzania in November 2011 was a wonderful trip and our participants captured some excellent images. It never ceases to amaze me how many shots my participants captured that I completely “missed”. I love seeing these adventures through the eyes of other travelers. I can’t wait to go back again this November.
Check [...]

Tanzanian Tented Camps

When people are considering going on a safari, one of the questions they commonly ask is, “what are the tent camps like?”
Their concern usually revolves around uneasiness about how rustic the sleeping arrangement will be or how exposed to the elements they’ll be. Rest assured that the accommodations are far from terrible! The reality is [...]

Tiny Monitor Lizard in Northern Serengeti

We were driving back to our lodge from the Mara River in the Northern Serengeti when we crossed over this small stream. Just as we passed through, we all spotted a tiny lizard sunning itself on a log. We all yelled “baby crocodile!” and stopped our Landcruiser. Upon further inspection, this little guy turned out [...]

Nikon 1 V1 Images from Tanzania

I was fortunate enough to be able to take a Nikon 1 V1 camera with me to Tanzania this November to test out. B&H Photo and Video provided the test camera that included the Nikon 1 V1, 10mm f2.8, 10-30mm zoom and 30-110mm zoom. I’m currently writing an in-depth summary of my experience with the [...]

November in Tanzania

Just back from a few weeks in Tanzania with the Nikonians Academy. Our 11 intrepid explorers had an incredible journey through Northern Tanzania. We took lots of great images of the usual suspects (lion, hyena, cheetah, etc.), but I wanted to show a bit of a different side of Tanzania with this post. Tanzania has [...]

Off to Tanzania

Off to Tanzania for a few weeks for photos of amazing wildlife and beautiful landscapes. I’ll be testing out some new camera gear (Nikon 1 and Nikon P7100) while creating new images and enjoying the company of 11 intrepid adventurers.
See you on the flip side in mid-November!

May 2012 Tanzanian Photo Safari

We are headed out to Tanzania in May 2012 for another incredible adventure. Our November 2011 safari is completely sold out so we’ve added a new safari at a different time of year. May brings the wildebeest rut and all the photo opportunities that come with it.
Lodging is phenomenal (top notch) and the food is [...]

Great Wildebeest Migration

Each time we go to Tanzania, one of our main goals is to photograph the great migration. Literally, millions of animals participate in this spectacle that brings them through the Serengeti and through the two great East African nations of Tanzania and Kenya.
The difficult part of planning trips to Tanzania is that you never know [...]

Tanzania Wildlife Photography Lens Advice - 600mm?

I received a great email this morning from a colleague who is headed out to Tanzania for the first time. He’s seeking advice about whether or not to bring along his 600mm f4 or his 200-400mm f4.
Here’s his question:
Hey Mike
I hope you are not too crazy busy to offer a wee bit of advice. [...]

The Nikonian eZine #49

Nikonians just published eZine #49. We included a few of my images to illustrate our Nikoknians Academy trips, adventures and workshops around the world.