Driftwood Textures

I’m always looking for interesting shapes and textures when I travel because they keep my mind engaged in the photographic process. Sometimes I succeed in creating a compelling photograph. Sometimes I completely fail. The point is that I’m always trying. Always pushing. Always attempting something new.
Over this last weekend, I was walking some of our [...]

Always Take Your Camera

I know you’ve all heard this a million times before, but if you are a photographer, then you should always have a camera with you. I don’t care what type of camera you take, but it should be something that allows you to snap an image. Cell phone. Point and Shoot. dSLR. Rangefinder. EVIL. ILC. [...]

Large Panorama

We just created a large 4 foot by 12 foot scenic panorama image for the Gig Harbor Fly Shop. I’ll write about the process in next month’s newsletter, but here are some pics showing how the image looks on the computer and another showing it mounted in the store.

New eZine with ANPAT 10 Images

The new Nikonian eZine has been published with lots of new images from ANPAT 10 in Olympic National Park. There are lots of great photos from the trip’s participants (and a few from your’s truly).  Check out the magazine here:

People on the Street in Seattle

Spent the day yesterday in Seattle running a private workshop with an individual who wanted to capture the essence of a city. We photographed the places and things that define Seattle such as the waterfront, Pike Place Market, Space Needle, ferry boats, etc. Along the way, we came across all kinds of people and [...]

Gig Harbor Parade

A few weeks ago we had our annual small town Gig Harbor Parade. What a great event. Everyone in town comes out to participate, help or just watch and it is like a giant family reunion. We all cheer for the kids, wave to our mayor, shake hands with the local politicians, and laugh at [...]

Gotta love that D700 High ISO

A couple of nights ago my home town of Gig Harbor, Washington held the annual Christmas boat parade. Lots of people decorate their yachts in Christmas lights, then motor through Gig Harbor  in a long parade. It is great fun to come out and see all your old friends while enjoying the sights and sounds [...]

Pt. Defiance Park HDR

I went out to Pt. Defiance Park on Wednesday with the kids to go on a morning hike. We had a great time trekking along the beach and wandering through all the trails. We parked at Owen Beach and went Northwest along the rocky beach and up to the Dalco Passage Viewpoint.
Along the way, we [...]

Pics from the Gig Harbor Maritime Gig Parade

Last weekend was Gig Harbor’s Maritime Gig Parade and I just had to get out there and snap a bunch of pics of the event. My family and I had a great time participating since my son walked in the parade with his classmates. They were able to travel the parade route with the local Gig [...]

Storm at the Ocean

Last week, my family and I went out on an adventure to the Washington State coast to celebrate spring break. It rained the entire time, the temperature was about 40 F and the wind was blowing 15 - 45 mph for the duration of the trip. My kids and I braved the beach a few [...]