Tanzania Wildlife Photography Lens Advice - 600mm?

I received a great email this morning from a colleague who is headed out to Tanzania for the first time. He’s seeking advice about whether or not to bring along his 600mm f4 or his 200-400mm f4.
Here’s his question:
Hey Mike
I hope you are not too crazy busy to offer a wee bit of advice. [...]

How Close?

When I talk to people about what it is like on an African photo safari, one of their first questions is wanting to know how close the animals get to the vehicles.
The answer?
The thrill of having a leopard walk by your front bumper or a lion lean up against your door is undeniably cool. The [...]

More from the Triple D Game Farm

Our Nikonians Academy group is having a total blast here at the Triple D Game Farm in Kalispell, MT. The weather cleared a bit and we are getting some great shots of wolves, mountain lions, grizzly bears, bobcats and lots of other animals. Tomorrow, we are planning to photograph some animals at a reflection pond [...]